نیابتي فزیولوژي

نیابتي فزیولوژي

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Book Nameنیابتي فزیولوژي
Authorپوهنمل محمد طاهر میاخیل
CategoryMedical (طب)
SizePDF, 7.8MB
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The first historian of Pashto language

Prof. Sayed Asghar Hashemi
Muhammad ibn Ali al-Basti: Muhammad ibn Ali is the first historian in Pashto literature. He has written.
A Pashtun historian is one of the most famous writers who lived at the beginning of the Mongol invasion. We have no further information about him except that he was a His father’s name was Ali and he wrote a book which contained the history of the Syrian kings. Hotak ibn Dawood refers to Sheikh Katta as referring to the ancient Pashtuns and it seems that the book was in the hands of Sheikh Katta and he copied a lot of material from the ancient Pashtuns from this book. Achieved in two ways, Sheikh Kata has quoted in the ancient Pashtuns and the author of the hidden treasure Mohammad Hotak has taken from the ancient Pashtuns in his book and the material is as follows:
1- Amir Karwar Soori and his pride.
1- The biography of Sheikh Asad and his poem.
1- The best description of the show and its ode.
From the above information it appears that Muhammad ibn Ali had a good and reliable knowledge of history and Pashto literature and like the ancient Pashtuns who narrate from him he was a good writer and researcher. He found a large divan and quoted one of his best poems in his book Tarikh-e-Suri.
It seems that Muhammad ibn Ali found the famous book of Tarikh-e-Soori, Sheikh Katta, in Baltistan, Ghor, and this book existed till 5 AH, as this book is one of the sources of Sheikh Katta.

Tarikh-e-Soori was a history written in Pashto and described the history of the Syrian family from ancient times and had not only a military and political Pashto history but also a literary color. He also quoted the political situation and brought samples of their speeches and kept in his book the poems which were recited in Pashto in the court of the Ghori kings. Asr was a literary, political and military history, although its history is not exemplified now, but its importance is evident from the memories of the hidden treasures and it was a very valuable book in Pashto language.

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