Ashraf Ghani, Khalilzad and Abdullah considered the agents of the Downfall of the Republic of Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani, Khalilzad and Abdullah considered the agents of the Downfall of the Republic of Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani, Khalilzad and Abdullah considered the agents of the downfall of the republic
The former president of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in his recent interview with the Afghan Broadcasting Network (ABN), said that many figures contributed to the downfall of the republic, especially the former representative of the United States for the peace of Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, and the reconciliation process. Former High Council President Abdullah Abdullah.

Mr. Ghani said in this interview that Khalilzad had divided Afghanistan’s political class with his “plans and promises.” He called this American official an “incompetent, corrupt and hateful” person.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said: “Khalilzad didn’t have two faces, but nine faces… I told Mr. Blanken, the US Secretary of State, that this person is hated, the people of Afghanistan, especially the Republicans, can’t be trusted.” No. He promised me that the head of their policy department, Salman Ahmed, will take responsibility.”

But Mr. Ghani said that when the American announcement was published, this issue was not mentioned.

The ousted president of Afghanistan added that Mr. Khalilzad was secretive in the negotiations with the Taliban: “I told Khalilzad many times that he would regret to death the draft of the Doha Agreement.” He insisted on his work.

This is while Zalmay Khalilzad accused Mohammad Ashraf Ghani of not supporting the peace process.

Mr. Ghani said that US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken repeatedly told him that the Taliban are not present for negotiations. He added: “Khalilzad’s problem with me was that I was Afghan and Muslim.”

Khalilzad has not yet reacted to Mr. Ghani’s comments.

President Ghani explained in this interview that the day before the fall, the American authorities pretended that everything was over.

He added, on Sunday morning, the 15th of August 2021, the United States Embassy burned all its documents and its staff went to the airport, and even thousands of Safari units, which were the best forces of the National Security and Afghanistan. were also evacuated.

Mr. Ghani added: “If they decided to support the republic, why did they evacuate these forces? Why did they give visas to everyone who worked with them, from chefs to generals?”

Blockage of cash

Mr. Ghani said in this interview that the Bank of Afghanistan used to buy 200 million dollars from the US every month from Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves and put them up for auction to support the market, but this process was stopped three days before the collapse.

He said that Mr. Blanken told him that “sanctions have not come, but we are worried about the arrival of the Taliban. We will reduce the amount, but we will send you money, but they did not send this money.” He said that America’s concern was that the money should not fall into the hands of the Taliban.

Mr. Ghani explained that Blanken had clearly told him that “you can no longer stand by your constitution” and “the proposal to transfer power through the Grand Jirga is not acceptable to the Taliban.”

Mr. Ghani also mentioned Abdullah Abdullah as the cause of the downfall of the republic and added that the burden of the downfall of the republic should not be placed on his shoulders alone.

He blamed Abdullah Abdullah for the downfall of the republic and not strengthening the republic and said that fifty percent of the government was under his influence in the last seven years. “Now they want to put all the responsibility on my shoulders. Wasn’t Abdullah an obstacle to all positive measures?”

Mr. Ghani claimed that Abdullah Abdullah did not accept the constitution.

Ghani also claimed that Mr. Abdullah’s only choice for the Ministry of Defense was Bismillah Mohammadi and said, “I have to keep Panjshir happy.”

Mr. Ghani, in response to a question that he was accused of national treason, said referring to the 2018 election and the swearing-in ceremony of Abdullah, who has committed national treason by organizing a parallel ceremony.

Ashraf Ghani added, “I haven’t been in Kabul for a year now. The politicians I blamed, especially Abdullah, Karzai, and Khalilzad, but couldn’t they take a step in terms of cooperation?”

Mr. Abdullah Abdullah has not yet reacted to Ghani’s comments.

The security officials did not stop

Mr. Ghani also mentioned the failure of senior security officials of Afghanistan in the downfall of the Republic of Afghanistan.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that a cabinet meeting was scheduled to be held on August 15th, 2021 at three o’clock in the afternoon, but the absolute majority was not in the country. The country’s defense minister Bismillah Mohammadi sat on the plane before I left. After that, the ministry was vacated.

Mr. Ghani said that in the beginning, the nine northern provinces of Afghanistan fell suddenly, despite the fact that Abdul Rashid Dostum and Atta Mohammad Noor were given opportunities.

He said: “We gave opportunities to General Dostum and General Atta and we also gave them the air force” but the next day they went to Uzbekistan.

Mr. Ghani added, I was the last person to leave Afghanistan. He said that the reason for his departure was to prevent a repeat of the death of the former president of Afghanistan, Dr. Najibullah.

Ghani: I am the elected president of Afghanistan

One year after leaving Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that he is still the elected president of Afghanistan.

He added: “According to the constitution, I was the president and until the people of Afghanistan have legally transferred the power to someone else, I am the president.”

Mr. Ghani said that the inheritance and trust that has been entrusted to him cannot be given to anyone without the vote and choice of the people.

This is while after the departure of Mr. Ghani from Afghanistan, his first deputy Amrullah Saleh said that according to the constitution of Afghanistan, he is the legitimate guardian of the Republic.

The Taliban are a minority

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that the Taliban is a minority group and their refusal to accept other tribes and cultures of Afghanistan will further weaken the national unity. He added that if the Taliban becomes the ruler, they will create a severe dictatorship.

He added that the Taliban should separate itself from Pakistan and Al-Qaeda.

Mr. Ghani said: “The Taliban have destroyed people’s homes in Sherpur. Under their rule, women have lost their rights, young people have left their homeland, and those who were equipped with education and knowledge and needed They have given their place to Mullahs.”

Regarding whether he will return to Afghanistan or not, the former president of Afghanistan said that after consulting with his Afghan friends, he has come to the conclusion that the conditions for his return to Kabul are not suitable.